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How to Move into Houses owned by Government(Prefecture / City)

<Prefectural public housing>

There are 30 prefectural public housing apartment houses in western part of Shizuoka Prefecture.

They are in Toushin-cho (Iwata city), Aoki-cho(Fukuroi city), Horikoshi(Fukuroi city), Shimomata-minami(Kakegawa city), and Aobadai(Kikugawa city).

Tenant applications are accepted monthly. Applications can be sent by mail. More information is provided at Toshi Seisaku- ka(City Policy Division), Kakegawa City Office.

Inquire at : Seibu Branch Office, Shizuoka Prefecture Housing Provision Corporation.

Address: 9th Floor, Hamamatsu Prefectural General Building. 1-12-1 Chuo, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

<Municipal public housing (Kakegawa city)>

Kakegawa city has municipal housing for 528 families in a 15 apartment complex.
Application can be accepted every month by mail.
Application acceptance is announced at the website of Shizuoka Prefectural Housing Cooperation.
Brochures on the housing application are distributed at Toshi Seisaku-ka, Kakegawa City Office at 0537-21-1152.