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Child Allowance (Jido Teate)

Children from 0 years old until the age of finishing junior high school (the first March 31 after becoming 15 years old) meet the requirements.

When you get the right to receive child allowance due to childbirth or a move, you have to make an application for it.

(1) Amount of allowance:

The mount paid per month for each child:

  • Younger than 3 years          15,000 yen
  • From 3 years old to 12 years old 10,000 yen (1st & 2nd Child)
  • From 3 years old to 12 years old 15,000 yen (3rd child & more)
  • From 12 years old to 15 years old  10,000 yen
  • More than the income limit 5,000 yen

(2) Time and method of payment

The allowance is given three times a year, in February, June, and October, 4 months allowance at a time, to the recipient’s bank account.

(3) Papers required for the application

  1.  The applicant’s own bankbook
  2.  The applicant’s private seal
  3.  A photocopy of the applicant’s health insurance card. (If the applicant is covered by the employee’s pension plan)
  4.  Zairyu card of both the applicant and child.
  5.  Additional papers may be required according to the situation.

(4) Present situation report (genkyō-todoke)

Recipients of child allowance are required to submit present situation reports (genkyō-todoke) every June. This report is used to examine whether the recipient may continue receiving the allowance.
Caution: If the present situation report is not submitted, the recipient will not receive the allowance any more.