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Child Rearing Allowance (Jido-Fuyo-Teate)

This allowance is provided for one-parent family to raise children.

1  Who can receive child rearing allowance?
A mother who takes care of her child, a father who takes care of and is under the same livelihood with his child or a person (i.e. rearer) who takes care of a child for his/her parents.  The child also must fit the following conditions.

However, a part or whole amount of the allowance may not be paid due to some restrictions such as income limitation.

If the person is receiving the public pension but the monthly pension amount is lower than the monthly child rearing allowance amount, any excess amount can be paid.


  • A child whose father and mother are divorced
  • A child whose father or mother is deceased
  • A child whose father or mother is severely disabled which is stated by law
  • A child whose father or mother has been in prison for more than a year
  • Others

2  The amount of the allowance:

The allowance is paid to the child until March of the year the child turns 18.

  • For the first child

Full allowance … 42,500 yen per month

Partial allowance … 10,030 yen – 42,490 yen  per month

  • Additional amount for the second child…5,020 yen – 10,040 yen per month
  • Additional amount for each of the third and younger children…3,010 yen – 6,020 yen per month

For further information, inquire at
Kodomo Katei Kakari (Child and Family Section), Kodomo Kibo-ka, Kakegawa City Office Phone :  0537-21-1144