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Long-term care insurance

Long-term care insurance system is run by municipal offices to support bedridden senior citizens and those suffer from senile dementia, and provide them with necessary nursing care service.
Inquire at the City Office for further information.

A registered foreign resident of 40 years old or over who falls into those conditions written below has to enroll in long-term care insurance system.

・A person who has “Permanent Resident” or “Special Permanent Resident” status
・A person who stays in Japan for one year or longer
・A person who is supposed to stay in Japan for one year or longer due to actual conditions of his or her life.
Insurance Benefit Section (Hoken Kyufu kakari), Koureisha shien-ka, Kakegawa City Office:
1-1-1 Nagaya, Kakegawa City. Ph.0537-21-1196