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Pension system

Pension system

Japan’s pension system was established to stabilize people’s lives in the future.
The pension is provided when you get old, become disabled, or die.
Public pension systems include employee’s pension for company employees, various mutual pension for public servants, and national pension for other people.
“Pension Handbook (Nenkin-techou)” is issued for each member of public pension systems. You have to fulfill certain conditions and follow certain procedures to receive a pension.

National Pension

This is the system to provide “basic pension (kiso-nenkin)”.
Every resident in Japan from 20 to 59 years old has to join the system regardless of his or her nationality.
To join national pension system, you have to submit an application to the municipal office.
But if you are already a member or a family dependent of a member of employees’ pension/insurance or a benefit society, you do not need to make an application.
The premiums should be paid during the specified periods at a bank, a post office and other institutions. You can also pay at a convenience store.
You can also pay the premiums automatically from your bank account or by credit card.

Employees’ pension

Every full-time company employees under 70 years of age has to join this system. The necessary procedures are carried out by the company. The premiums vary depending on the employee’s wages, and 50% of the premium is paid by the employer and 50% by the employee. The employee’s share of the premium is subtracted from his or her wages and bonuses.

When leaving Japan

When a foreign resident who paid premiums for 6 months or longer for national pension or employees’ pension leaves Japan and has no intension to return to Japan, he or she can get a “withdrawal lump sum pension refund (dattai-ichijikin)”. The amount of the refund varies depending on how long the premiums were paid.
Inquire at the Kakegawa Pension Office for further information, such as the papers required for the refund. You can apply for the refund within 2 years after you leave Japan.  Send the papers required for the refund to Japan Pension Service, if you apply for the refund from abroad.

National health insurance
Kokuho Nenkin Kakari, Kokuho Nenkin-ka (National Insurance and Pension Division), Kakegawa City Office
1-1-1 Nagaya, Kakegawa City, 436-8650 Ph.0537-21-1143

National pension and employees’ pension
Kakegawa Pension Office
1-19-8 Kubo, Kakegawa City, 436-8653 Ph.0537-21-5524

Application for withdrawal lump sum pension refund should be sent to:
Japan Pension Service (Foreign Affairs Group)
3-5-24 Takaido-nishi, Setagaya-ward, Tokyo, 168-8505 Ph.0570-05-1165